The first time I say I love you, your face
crumbles. You look at me
the way man stares in terror
at the stars and the sea.

You grasp your head, fist
your hair, hiss, whisper why me
why me I am weak I am
dirt I am dust I am

Why you? Because
the earth is made of dust
and dirt and you are as
essential to me as earth
is to sky; you give me something
to set my sun against.

The dirt and the dust are not
weak. I could build a house
out of you; y
ou are the roof
when I rain.

Hard Out Here
Lily Allen
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"It’s hard out here for a bitch."


                        you can break my soul,
                        take my life away,
                        beat me,
                        hurt me,
                        kill me.

                                              but for the love of god
                                                         don’t touch him.

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     Narrowing his eyes playfully at how hers rolled, more than a little used to that habit she had, he scoffed quietly, before he moved to sit down  on the sofa behind them.

          “I’d call it dignity,” he joked right back.

     He wasn’t all surprised at that, though he wouldn’t say it. Hadn’t imagined she’d have really celebrated New Years before. Nor did he these days, really.


          “I used to know all the words —  Dad would have Cal and me singing it, when we were teenagers, with him. Which, when we got to the age when having girls over was acceptable, used to be pretty embarrassing.”

If she was honest, she was grateful he responded positively to her teasing, even now. It was hard not to wonder, or worry, sometimes if she went too far. Moving with him as he sat down, she remained standing for a few moments, giving his hands a gentle squeeze before letting go and sitting beside him.

At his comment, she glanced downwards with a fond smile as she shook her head.  ”Yes, well, you would.” She nodded, trying to hide her amusement as she looked at him and quite frankly, failing. “On the other hand, I would have to disagree.”


"Oh really? That sounds very sweet…" Pausing, she raised an eyebrow, unable to stop herself from laughing lightly. "I think that is a…typical parent thing, trying to embarrass their children I mean." That’s what she assumed at least, she couldn’t really remember as much of her parents as she would like. All she knew was that she had never been close to them. "Besides, I’m sure the girls found it….hmm, endearing. Cute, even." She grinned, gently nudging him.


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     Taking her hands, threading his fingers through hers, he looked down at her with a raised brow.Swaying their arms ever so slightly, he shook his head.


     He gave a soft chuckle, looking down at the floor.


     ”Yeah, I’m not singing it,” he affirmed, nodding once. “I don’t even think I could remember the words.”

Glancing down at their hands, she smiled warmly before meeting his gaze, eyebrows raised ever so slightly  Unable to help but roll her eyes, she let out a quiet hum as she watched his reaction.


"Spoil sport." She grinned, tilting her head slightly as she looked at him.
"Don’t worry, I can’t say I know them at all really… So you’d stand a better chance then me." Not that was much of a consolation. If anything it was probably nothing more than an obvious fact but it was only fair to admit.

Clemence Poesy & Lucy Griffiths
Clemence Poesy & Lucy Griffiths

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